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Gracen grew up in Columbia, SC and graduated with Leadership Distinction from the University of South Carolina in 2017 with a major in Hospitality, Retail and Tourism Management. Before getting involved in Real Estate, Gracen began her career as a Sales, Logistics and Marketing Coordinator for an innovative event management company in her hometown of Columbia. Looking to broaden her horizons, she moved down to Charleston in the Fall of 2018 and joined the Marshall Walker Group as an Agent as well as Operations Manager.

Being a third-generation realtor, Gracen knew making the industry leap from event management to real estate was her calling. Since, she has taken her experience in sales and applied it to the Charleston real estate market. In her free time, Gracen enjoys live music shows, sampling the trendiest restaurants around town, and seeking adventure outdoors. 

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Forget About Climate Change. The Real Story is Climate Speed

Thu, May 21st 2020 1:32 pm by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

A two-hour cloudburst drenched Charleston on Wednesday, turning downtown streets into swirling rivers. Nearly 5 inches fell over the city’s hospitals, turning the medical district into an island. Five inches fell on Johns Island, turning parking lots into lakes. It was a mess. And it’s not normal.

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6 First Time Homebuyer Mistakes to Avoid

Wed, May 20th 2020 4:32 pm by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make in your life & one of the largest sources of stress for many first-time buyers is the financing process.

Unless you’ve done a ton of research, getting a mortgage can feel confusing or even a bit overwhelming. The good news is you can have a smoother and less stressful experience by avoiding these common mistakes. Click the link below to continue reading! 

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Fishing for a Socially Distance Outdoor Activity?

Tue, May 19th 2020 12:26 pm by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

With parks opening and temperatures warming, many people may be fishing to explore the outdoors. 

Fishing is a great way to get outside while practicing social distancing. It can be a family affair, or it can be an opportunity to snag some much-needed alone time out in nature. Don’t know where to go? We put together a list of local fishing spots perfect for reeling in a catch while enjoying the sunshine. Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman or someone looking to pick up a new hobby, here are some locations and resources to get you out there.

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To Beach or Not To Beach?

Mon, May 11th 2020 4:35 pm by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

We’ve all got one thing on our minds: the beach. 

I mean, that’s why we decided to live in Charleston, right?

We have been seeing tons of questions about when beaches will open, what happens if non-residents arrive before checkpoints begin, how social distancing rules are being enforced, and when rentals will begin again.

While it seems rules and regulations have been constantly changing, here is a rundown of checkpoint hours, uses + rules and rental information for each of our local beaches. 

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We are Leased! 26 Blake Street, A

Fri, May 8th 2020 12:41 pm by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

WE ARE LEASED! 26 Blake Street, A 

James & Amber, two Dental Students at MUSC just got an upgrade! This couple is moving from one side of the Peninsula to the other, and we are happy they will be calling our listing "home" this summer!

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How to Make Mom the Perfect Lowcountry Bouquet

Fri, May 8th 2020 11:15 am by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

Any day is instantly sweeter when you stop and smell the flowers. From wild-growing roadside fields to pristine Southern hydrangeas and magnolias, Charleston is home to an abundance of flora + fauna, & there is plenty in bloom this month! 

16 Mother's Day Ideas if You Can't Get Together

Wed, May 6th 2020 12:18 pm by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

From birthday car parades to virtual happy hours, we're starting to navigate this whole "shelter in place" thing relatively well, all things considered.

But a socially distanced Mother's Day feels particularly hard, doesn't it? After all, your mother is the very person you need most right now- for a reassuring hug, & maybe the occasional supervision of the grandchildren.

After you've shopped for the perfect gift, consider embracing one of these stay-connected activities that will serve up some much-needed quality time during quarantine.

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From Lasagna to Banana Bread: Top 10 Most-Googled Recipes from Quarantine

Mon, May 4th 2020 2:47 pm by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

Cooking has become a popular hobby amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, as people across the globe follow "stay at home" orders and remain inside, they've hit the kitchen to pass the time. In fact, search interest for the word "recipe" has reached an all-time high in the U.S. and worldwide, Google Trends found.

This may be because baking recipes can "bring comfort" in times of uncertainty, culinary art therapist Julie Ohana previously told CNBC Make It. "When times are turned on its head we look for ways to cope," Ohana said. "Baking a loaf of bread, some cookies, etc. is so basic but fills such a void." The top searched for recipes include baked goods, like banana bread and brownies, according...

SC Governor Lifts Mandatory Work or Home Order, Allows Outside Dining

Fri, May 1st 2020 5:25 pm by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster is lifting the mandatory home or work order for the state, making it voluntary, and allowing restaurants to again serve customers in outdoor dining situations.

McMaster issued a series of executive orders Friday relaxing many rules that had previously been put in place during a news conference. The home or work order (essentially a stay at home order) will now become voluntary on Monday, May 4 at 12:00 a.m. That's also the same day outdoor dining returns. The order was first issued back on back April 6. McMaster said it's still being determined what to do about relaxing other rules, including hair salons, gyms, and public venues, but no decision h...

Does Charleston Have a Higher Cost of Living Than Most? Depends on if You Rent or Buy

Thu, Apr 30th 2020 5:20 pm by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

Living in the Charleston metro area is just slightly more expensive than the national average, & that’s mostly due to utility bills, according to several popular cost-of-living calculators.

However, those online calculators don’t tell the whole story. Charleston residents do pay high utility bills, but, burrowing into the numbers used to compare different cities, it’s apartment rents that really jump out. 

For apartment-dwellers, tri-county rents are on par with metro areas such as Austin and Dallas, Texas, as well as Atlanta and New Orleans.

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The Story Behind Haint Blue Porch Ceilings

Tue, Apr 28th 2020 10:11 am by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

We all know one of Charleston’s most common design trends because it's evident all around Charleston. Look up on any street in the city’s historic district, and it’s likely a light-blue porch ceiling is nearby. The protective nature ascribed to the color blue is an important part of West African and Gullah cultures.

There are a few theories as to why the coverings to so many porches — more commonly known as “piazzas” in Charleston — sport a turquoise or robin’s-egg hue. Some say the color wards off nesting insects, or simply imitates a slice of clear sky overhead.

But by far the most common explanation is that it’s “haint blue,” a custom derived from Gullah culture, which was used to ...

Charleston Area Exterminators Tell Homeowners What to Do to Ward Off Summer Pests

Mon, Apr 27th 2020 2:36 pm by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

Spring is typically the time of year when pest control is at the forefront of people’s minds in the Charleston area. 

Local exterminators have found that homeowners usually reach out to them when they notice problems like recurring rodents in their home or obvious damage. But rodents aren’t the only thing they should be thinking about this season. 

Spring and summer months serve as the introduction of pests such as termites, earwigs, palmetto bugs and mosquitoes. And there are simple things experts believe homeowners can do to make their jobs easier and sometimes unnecessary. 

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Charleston's Top 25 Facebook Groups: Are You Connected?

Thu, Apr 23rd 2020 2:35 pm by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

Need to get rid of an extra kitchen appliance or two? Got a question about local construction? Want to complain about your neighbor’s tacky lawn decor? There’s a Facebook group for that.

The digital age lets us connect with people on the other side of the planet. But what may get overlooked is that it also lets us tap into our local communities in ways we never could before. Just in the Tri-County Area, there are dozens, if not hundreds of community-based groups, joined by thousands of locals! Interested in being part of the conversation? Here are 25 of the most popular local Facebook groups.

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Residential Real Estate Sales Stayed Ahead of COVID Curve Last Month

Mon, Apr 20th 2020 1:09 pm by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

“We had a lot of interest and activity from buyers prior to the onset of the COVID-19 crisis in our community. The strong activity in March positions us well for the inevitable impact of the global pandemic on our market” said 2020 CTAR President Bobette Fisher. 1,672 homes sold in March 2020 in the Charleston region at a median price of $287,045 according to preliminary data released today by the Charleston Trident Association of Realtors.

Last March, 1,577 homes sold at a median price of $275,045.

Year-to-date, 4,145 homes have changed hands at a median price of $289,595. At this point last year, 3,778 homes had sold at a median price of $270,353.  Simply meaning, year-to-date, sale...

How to Support Local Restaurants & Out of Work Staff

Fri, Apr 17th 2020 3:33 pm by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

Tomorrow will mark one month since Governor Henry McMaster ordered all restaurants to close their dining areas. According to an estimate from the College of Charleston, about 2/3 of the city’s tourism related jobs have since been lost.

Many local bars + restaurants have begun asking for the community’s support during this time. Some businesses are even promising pretty sweet perks to those who donate today – from a year’s worth of bar tabs to a free bowling party – that can be redeemed when this is over.

If you’re able to help but don’t know where to begin, we’ve got a list of restaurant relief funds and other ways you can lend a hand right now.

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Family Activities to Do During Quarantine

Thu, Apr 16th 2020 6:34 pm by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

Coronavirus is understandably starting to take its toll. And with many of us around the world being advised to continue self-isolating for the time being, we’re having to find increasingly creative ways to keep ourselves amused within the four walls of our homes.

The spread of COVID-19 has changed the lives of so many so quickly, but amid the struggles and the darkness, there are stories of solidarity and togetherness emerging. We hope to add some further light and support with our suggestions below!

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Why Use 3D Tours While Selling Your Home?

Tue, Apr 14th 2020 3:40 pm by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

Recently, visual marketing has taken nearly every industry by storm. With photos and videos showing up on our mobile apps, news feeds, and websites, it’s no secret that interactive, visual content is on the rise everywhere.

Listings that feature our Zillow or iGuide 3D tours are proven to sell quicker. Buyers can tour each part of the home online, meaning showings that come through are from buyers who have already virtually toured the home and are guaranteed interested!

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Your Easter Plans, Delivered

Fri, Apr 10th 2020 9:59 am by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

We’re coming up on Easter rather quickly, and although we’ll be celebrating the holiday differently this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a fun-filled Easter weekend – complete with games, sweets, flowers, and, of course, a delicious Easter meal.

Click the link below for a full list of places around Charleston offering meal options (including dessert), spring flowers, and local gifts for pick-up or delivery. So go ahead and start planning your day! 

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Facts Or Myths? The History Behind Rainbow Row

Thu, Apr 9th 2020 9:21 am by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

One of the most recognizable + photographed areas of Charleston is the iconic Rainbow Row. The block of thirteen colorful, private historic homes, stretching from 83-107 East Bay Street, represents the longest cluster of Georgian row houses in the U.S.

While many know of the local legends and age-old tall tales that have been told about the meaning behind the boldly-painted dwellings, do you know the real history of our city's iconic Rainbow Row?

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Banks Offering Deferment On Mortgage Payments During Coronavirus

Wed, Apr 1st 2020 6:25 pm by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

With the huge spread of the coronavirus and its associated illness, COVID-19, the national and global economies have been immensely disrupted. Sales orders are being cancelled, subscriptions not renewed, employees are getting laid off and customers are buckling down.

Fortunately, for the downturn we’re facing this time, most of private industry is on the same time. Meaning, unlike during the 2008 financial crisis, banks aren’t foreclosing or seizing assets en masse to cover their losses. Instead, many major banks have already announced critical modifications to their banking and product policies which work in your favor.

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