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Gracen grew up in Columbia, SC and graduated with Leadership Distinction from the University of South Carolina in 2017 with a major in Hospitality, Retail and Tourism Management. Before getting involved in Real Estate, Gracen began her career as a Sales, Logistics and Marketing Coordinator for an innovative event management company in her hometown of Columbia. Looking to broaden her horizons, she moved down to Charleston in the Fall of 2018 and joined the Marshall Walker Group as an Agent as well as Operations Manager.

Being a third-generation realtor, Gracen knew making the industry leap from event management to real estate was her calling. Since, she has taken her experience in sales and applied it to the Charleston real estate market. In her free time, Gracen enjoys live music shows, sampling the trendiest restaurants around town, and seeking adventure outdoors. 

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Lowcountry Pastimes: The Historic Dock Street Theatre

Tue, Oct 27th 2020 5:14 pm by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

The City of Charleston has a long-standing romance with culture and the arts that dates back to its origins. Throughout the city’s long history, artistic visionaries from all over the world have left their marks on the Holy City. From it's picturesque architecture & tasteful restaurants to it's enriching museums and performing arts centers, Charleston is home to a broad, artistic and cultural heritage.

One of the city’s most cherished architectural gems, the Historic Dock Street Theatre, has been entertaining Lowcountry residents and travelers alike since its opening in 1736 and is considered to be the oldest theater in the country. As the first building in North America built solely f...

Your Charleston Fall Bucket List

Wed, Oct 21st 2020 11:01 am by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

Fall is in it's prime here in the LowCountry— and to help you take full advantage of the festive season, we’ve compiled our Charleston fall bucket list, complete with all sorts of events and activities to try before, during and after Halloween. Click the link below for a full list of Activities, Farms and Fall Tours, and Food + Drink Experiences this season! 

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Charleston Area Home Prices Skyrocketed Since Start of Pandemic

Tue, Oct 20th 2020 9:45 am by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

A perfect storm of events here in the Lowcountry — led by a low housing inventory, low interest rates and a high demand for single-family homes — have caused a spike in national and local housing prices during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the pandemic began in March, the median price of homes has increased 6.6 percent nationally and 8.1 percent in the Charleston area, according to a report released by Redfin. 

The national median home price has increased to $318,978 — the highest on record — with a 14% rise just from 2019 in the latest report released at the end of September, last month. The 14% year to year increase was the largest since August 2013.

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Your Personal Guide to Navigating Title Insurance

Fri, Oct 16th 2020 12:02 pm by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

Your purchase offer on your new home has been accepted, and you’re ready to start preparing physically, mentally and financially for closing. Especially if this is your first home purchase, the list of things you need to do next may seem endless, from submitting the final paperwork for your mortgage application to scheduling various inspections. On top of your already mile long to do list is insurance, a necessary step in nearly every real estate transaction.

From Homeowner's, Title, to Flood Insurances, understanding the differences is crucial to your decision making process. Here’s what you need to know about title insurance on your next home purchase. 

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Celebrate National Dessert Day Here in Charleston

Wed, Oct 14th 2020 5:25 pm by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

Happy National Dessert Day! It’s basically required for us to indulge in our favorite sweet treats with absolutely no guilt today. Remember: the word “stressed” is only “desserts” spelled backwards.  

If you enjoy baking in your own kitchen, take a look at these dessert recipes from some of these Charleston restaurants or read along for a list of the best places to get some iconic Charleston desserts. Treat yourself, you deserve it.

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Shuckin' Season is Upon Us! An Expert's Guide to Oyster Season

Tue, Oct 13th 2020 11:21 am by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

It’s fall in Charleston, and while cooler temps might not bring fall foliage, they do bring oyster roasts.

Whether you’re hosting or attending your own oyster roasts this season, we’re sharing a guide on everything you need to know about these slimy shellfish, including info on oyster species, tutorials on shucking + a list of popular condiments to serve them with. Let’s dive on in. 

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My Charleston Weekend: Autumn on the Ashley Craft Fair, Ghost Tours, Drive In's & More

Fri, Oct 9th 2020 3:24 pm by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

While many of you very well may prefer to hide under your covers and binge-watch Netflix until the election is over, or even until the start of the New Year, there’s plenty to do around Charleston if you’re itching to get out and about. 

Shop around at Magnolia Plantation's Autumn on the Ashley's Craft Fair running both Saturday & Sunday, or catch a movie at Charleston Woodland's Halloween Themed Drive In Theatre. Get spooked at Boone Hall Plantation's "Fright Nights" or even take part in a ghost hunting experience with Stories in the Cemetery. No matter what your interest is, there's a fall themed activity perfect for you & yours this weekend! 

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15 Luxurious Lobbies in the Lowcountry

Mon, Oct 5th 2020 1:08 pm by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

This city is known for several things, but chief among them is its charm. It's charming residents. Its food: heavy on Lowcountry classics and fresh seafood. Its history, and its welcoming vibe for visitors, whether short-term or long-term guests.

It's been chosen by our readers as the best small city in America nine years in a row. No surprise, then, that when it comes to places to stay in Charleston, hospitality once again emerges as a distinguishing factor.

From colorful boutique stays to grand, art-driven buildings, genteel spaces draped in crown molding and regal drapes, and porch front rowhouse hotels in the city's downtown, our list of the best Charleston hotels covers the city'...

What's the Difference Between Deed and Title?

Fri, Oct 2nd 2020 2:06 pm by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

As you approach closing day for your home purchase, you’re going to hear a lot of discussion about the deed and title of your property. Both are an important part of owning real estate, but it can be hard to distinguish between the two. Here’s what you need to know about the differences between the deed and title in real estate.

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Lowcountry Guide to Fall Foliage

Wed, Sep 30th 2020 9:28 am by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

It’s fall, y’all! There’s something special about cooler weather + seeing the color of leaves change to orange, yellow and red during the fall season. 

South Carolina’s warmer fall temperatures (compared to most of the country) typically mean the leaves change color a little later here. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the season. According to this fall foliage map, South Carolina can expect to see the leaves change from early October to late November, with the peak of the changes between late October and early November. 

Grab a loved one, friend, or go exploring on your own this season and fall into some Instagram-worthy trails + parks in and around Charleston


How to Know When It's Time to Repair vs. Replace Your HVAC

Mon, Sep 28th 2020 5:15 pm by Gracen Tilton 1998 03 13 SC Real Estate

With the right parts and an experienced, professional technician, many common air conditioner problems can be repaired at an affordable price. Sometimes, however, repairs may not be possible or cost-effective. This guide will help you determine whether repair or replacement is the best choice for your air conditioning system.

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CofC Student Transforms Local Beer Cans into Candles

Fri, Sep 25th 2020 9:45 am by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

A College of Charleston student majoring in early childhood education didn’t expect to start a business this summer involving organic soy wax from the Midwest and a beverage she can’t legally drink.

But in the midst of the pandemic, between a nannying job and summer classes, Emily Wurdeman, 20, started Sily Candle Co., a business that recycles used beer cans into candles. 

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North Charleston Ranks #1 in US for Rental Return on Investment Properties

Wed, Sep 23rd 2020 5:03 pm by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

Charleston lands on top of many lists for tourism, friendliness and good food. But now, it’s North Charleston’s turn to be No. 1, but for a totally different reason.

IPX 1031, or (Investment Property Exchange Services) analyzed home values and median rent along with other factors for 310 cities with populations over 100,000 across America. 

Using five metrics that included median home value, year-over-year home value growth, 10-year population growth, annual property tax and annual return, IPX boiled the list down to 30 cities and ranked North Charleston as the No. 1 place in the U.S. to earn the biggest return on a rental real estate investment.

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24 Features to Transform Your Google Calendar from Chaotic to Calming

Tue, Sep 22nd 2020 10:39 am by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

Most people live and die by their calendars. If it isn’t scheduled, it doesn’t get done.

But more than just a record of your obligations, tools like Google Calendar are a gatekeeper for your attention. We all have limited time each day, and your calendar lets & your team know exactly what is taking up your focus throughout each day. Yet despite their importance, few of us give our calendars the respect they deserve. 

This article is going to teach you how to use specific Google Calendar settings and features to take back control of your time, protect your focus, and spend more time on the work that matters. 

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The History of the West Ashley Greenway

Wed, Sep 16th 2020 10:47 am by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

The West Ashley Greenway is an approximately 10.5-mile trail that runs parallel to Highway 17, from the South Windermere Shopping Center in West Ashley up to McLeod Mill Road on Johns Island. The pathway offers a perfect place to walk, mountain bike, and experience a refreshing change of pace from the crowded downtown streets.

Something you can’t escape by going off the peninsula, though, is Charleston’s rich history. Before the Greenway was a trail, it was train tracks. Not only is Charleston home to the first steam engine and the first train to transport passengers in the nation, but it was also home to the railway that served as a key component in the Civil War. 

Gracen Tilton | Ma...

Fee Simple vs Leasehold: What You Need to Know

Mon, Sep 14th 2020 5:16 pm by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

Owning real estate seems fairly straightforward. But depending on where the property is located, how you hold ownership can mean a few different things. 

While it’s not common everywhere, some states are known to have different types of ownership: fee simple and leasehold. Here’s what you need to know about both.

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Charleston Music Hall to Host Outdoor Concert Series this Fall

Fri, Sep 11th 2020 12:02 pm by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

Wary to bring patrons inside its downtown venue during a pandemic, the Charleston Music Hall has announced a new music endeavor in town. The Hall has teamed up with outdoor venue The Bend in North Charleston for a multi-week spaced-out concert series starting in October. 

There will be performances by Legacy of Motown featuring Charlton Singleton and Friends (Oct. 3), Susto (Oct. 9), The Aretha Franklin Tribute featuring Black Diamond and Black Noyze (Oct. 16), Shovels & Rope (Oct. 23-24), St. Paul & The Broken Bones (Oct. 30-31) and Ranky Tanky (Nov. 14). 

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How Lenders Have Changed the Way thier Customers Refinance

Thu, Sep 10th 2020 11:25 am by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

You can't lock, can't rush, and you'll have some work to do, but most lenders are giving some big perks to borrowers under the new loan refinance system.

This new "how you refinance" may become the staple system for years to come. The new refinance system is a blend of technology and human interaction. As of late, it looks like our industry has figured out a great way for the consumer to take control of their own destiny and truly become a partner with their lender. 

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Wind Down Summer at one of These Charleston Beach Restaurants

Tue, Sep 8th 2020 2:24 pm by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

Whether you’re spending one of the last days of Summer bike riding on Kiawah, playing sand volleyball on Folly or getting lost in your favorite beach read on Sullivan’s, you’re sure to work up an appetite!

Take a mid-day break for a refreshing margarita or dig into mahi-mahi tacos poolside. No matter what or where your finding your end of summer escape here in Charleston, we have the perfect beach restaurant for it! 

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Renters & Buyers Face Drastically Different Covid 19 Financial Conditions

Thu, Sep 3rd 2020 1:35 pm by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

As eviction moratoriums expire at the federal and local levels, millions of U.S. renters could be at risk of eviction over the next several months, according to a report compiled by a series of housing researchers. Nearly half of renters were already cost-burdened before the pandemic, according to the Joint Center for Housing Studies, and roughly one third of U.S. renter households were unable to make a full August payment in the first week of the month, according to ApartmentList.

However, economic and legal conditions provide homeowners or potential buyers with far more protections – and even benefits. Because mortgage rates have hit a series of record lows, home buyers are rushing t...

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