Charleston's Art Scene

Charleston homes can be quite beautiful – and almost as lovely as the art you'll find in Charleston. In fact, the area is home to a number of art galleries that display the work of artists from Charleston, as well as across the country. Hence, if you love art, and you've been searching for Charleston SC real estate, you'll be happy to know admiring artistic endeavors could be just around the corner.

Charleston: Art of All Types

Charleston residents can tell you the city has an abundance of art galleries. This is particularly true in Charleston's historic French Quarter district. There you can find artwork and fine art photography at a number of locations. Charleston Artists Guild, started in 1953, is dedicated to the practice, teaching and recognition of Fine Arts in Greater Charleston. They often oversee a multitude of events and workshops during the year. Another area of art that Charleston is known for are sweetgrass baskets. In fact, sweetgrass baskets are a nationally recognized art form with examples in the Museum of American History at the Smithsonian Institution. This form of weaving in the Gullah culture goes back over 400 years. If you like, you can take home a creation of your own since "Sweetgrass ladies" sell their designs in the Charleston Market area. As a result, when you decide to purchase a home in Charleston , you're never far from admiring, or possibly collecting, outstanding art.

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