Marshall Walker

Marshall Walker
Owner / Broker in Charge - Accredited Buyers Representative ~ EcoBroker Certified ~ Loss Mitigation Certified ~ ReoTrans Platinum Certified

Marshall Walker Real Estate
582 Rutledge Avenue
Charleston SC 29403

Office: 843-628-2806
Cell: 843-532-3214
Fax: 843-277-6399

A typical day for Marshall Walker, Broker/Owner Marshall Walker of Marshall Walker Real Estate, can involve anything from selling homes to running meetings to...mowing lawns?

"It's important to take care of details, even the ones that you don't normally see real estate agents taking care of," Walker says.  "One Sunday, a buyer client pulled up to his new home in a moving van and found me mowing the lawn! I just wanted the new owner to be happy."

Walker began serving people long before he entered the real estate business.  He was an auto mechanic specializing in Rolls Royce and Bentley motorcars for 18 years, until arthritis forced him to switch careers.  After being involved with several real estate transactions, he decided that a career in real estate might be just what he needed.  And with that thought in mind, he started in November 2003 and rapidly developed one of Charleston's premier property Web sites. 

Always thinking outside the box is what sets Marshall Walker apart from the typical real estate broker. He has renovated a gas station near Hampton Park into an Internet café and sales office, Walker has turned a vision into a reality. 

"In 2005, I was in London and visited a real estate office that operated within an Internet café," Walker says.  "Today I've completed the environmental cleanup and renovation of an old gas station to ultimately house a neighborhood gathering space and real estate office where people can come hang out, search the Internet for homes, and visit with our sales staff." 

In addition to his residential activities, Walker and his team have started to specialize in finding homes not yet on the market, oftentimes heir’s properties. We always ensure that both parties are represented to the highest ethical standards in these transactions. Many buyers want to find a great deal but quite frankly it’s so difficult to find these homes that buyers are paying market value or higher to get an untouched original home.

"Staying ahead of the technology curve used to be the difficult part" Walker says "with our office we started at the ground level incorporating cloud technology - this way we will always be agile enough to provide the services one will come to expect from a Full Service Real Estate Brokerage"  

What’s the real goal? Walker does not hesitate “Being a viable neighbor by reinvesting in our schools, parks and community with resources and leadership.  I feel it’s incredibly important to maintain a local office where consumers and neighbors can find us - in today’s technology age wouldn’t you find it reassuring to know your brokerage is just down the street?”

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