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Local Farm Boxes

Thu, Oct 22nd 2020 9:50 am by Gia Lee 1998 03 13 SC Real Estate

Our family has so enjoyed picking up carefully composed, GORGEOUS boxes of local vegetables, fruits, and other goodies (grits! eggs!) once a week from an assortment of local farms who have pioneered this model in the area. Instead of having to commit to an entire season of vegetables--the classic CSA model--Rooting Down Farms, Spade and Clover Gardens, GrowFood Carolina, and several others in Charleston County have stepped up efforts in the wake of the pandemic to push Certified South Carolina-grown produce directly toward people, box by box, at dropoff points in the city. This model fits our consumption and cooking habits better, since some weeks we aren't able to cook as much as others ...

Your Charleston Fall Bucket List

Wed, Oct 21st 2020 11:01 am by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

Fall is in it's prime here in the LowCountry— and to help you take full advantage of the festive season, we’ve compiled our Charleston fall bucket list, complete with all sorts of events and activities to try before, during and after Halloween. Click the link below for a full list of Activities, Farms and Fall Tours, and Food + Drink Experiences this season! 

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Plants and Pets- What Plants are Bad for Your Furry Feline

Tue, Oct 20th 2020 10:00 pm by MatthewC.G. Brockbank Charleston SC Real Estate

Which Plants Are Poisonous to Cats? A Complete Guide

All cat parents should know the most common plants that are poisonous to cats. Whether in your yard or in your home, you’ll want to keep certain plants and flowers away from your feline companions. The toxicity of various plants and flowers can range from mild to severe, depending on the poisonous component of the plant.

More than 11,000 calls to the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center were logged about plants in 2018, according to Tina Wismer, DVM, DABVT, DABT, the center’s medical director. Plants that are poisonous to cats made up 3,675, or about a third, of those calls.

“It is best to familiarize yourself with the list of toxic ...

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Charleston Area Home Prices Skyrocketed Since Start of Pandemic

Tue, Oct 20th 2020 9:45 am by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

A perfect storm of events here in the Lowcountry — led by a low housing inventory, low interest rates and a high demand for single-family homes — have caused a spike in national and local housing prices during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the pandemic began in March, the median price of homes has increased 6.6 percent nationally and 8.1 percent in the Charleston area, according to a report released by Redfin. 

The national median home price has increased to $318,978 — the highest on record — with a 14% rise just from 2019 in the latest report released at the end of September, last month. The 14% year to year increase was the largest since August 2013.

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Common Backyard Plants That Are Poisonous to Dogs

Mon, Oct 19th 2020 11:15 pm by MatthewC.G. Brockbank Charleston SC Real Estate

Many plants that are poisonous to dogs are very common in backyards. These toxic time-bombs range from being only mildly toxic (for example, causing vomiting) to being responsible for serious canine health problems. If you wish to err on the safe side, thoroughly research all the vegetation and berries that your dog has access to.

In the case of some plants that pose a danger, only a particular part of the plant in question will be toxic (for example, the seed, leaves, or sap). 

The following list of plants poisonous to dogs is not a complete, exhaustive list. Rather, it should be a springboard for further research. Many (but not necessarily all) of the examples on this list are als...

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Cat Porches- Keep Your Cat Safe and Everything Safe From Your Cat!

Mon, Oct 19th 2020 9:15 am by MatthewC.G. Brockbank Charleston SC Real Estate

Living in a house with a garden and having cats indoor can be a real challenge, as you have to decide whether you let your pets wander outdoors once in a while or not. Letting your cats go outdoors comes with some risks, as they can always get hit by cars, get in fights with other animals and get sick. If you decided to keep your pets indoors, but still want them to enjoy a little bit of the outside world, then this screened in patio might be a smart idea. You can build the screen right in front of your home’s windows and create a small platform for you cats to sit on. This way, they can safely observe what’s happening outside and you can still feel relax by knowing exactly where they are...

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Your Personal Guide to Navigating Title Insurance

Fri, Oct 16th 2020 12:02 pm by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

Your purchase offer on your new home has been accepted, and you’re ready to start preparing physically, mentally and financially for closing. Especially if this is your first home purchase, the list of things you need to do next may seem endless, from submitting the final paperwork for your mortgage application to scheduling various inspections. On top of your already mile long to do list is insurance, a necessary step in nearly every real estate transaction.

From Homeowner's, Title, to Flood Insurances, understanding the differences is crucial to your decision making process. Here’s what you need to know about title insurance on your next home purchase. 

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Supporting Local Restaurants!

Thu, Oct 15th 2020 4:45 pm by Gia Lee 1998 03 13 SC Real Estate

What restaurants are you all enjoying for takeout these days?  Our go-to spots are The Glass Onion in West Ashley (best fries in town--eat them in the car), Hokkaido (salmon bento box please!) and The Grocery (the mezze platter is A-MEZZ-ING) on the peninsula.

A recent New York Times article made the point that when we order direct from a restaurant, and pick up the food ourselves, it helps save the restaurants TON$ of fees, commissions, and other crap that eats into their bottom line. Order directly from a restaurant's own web site (or phone!) and TIP LAVISHLY!  We need these treasured cultural centers on the other side. As a whole, restaurants contribute immeasurably to the quality of ...

Celebrate National Dessert Day Here in Charleston

Wed, Oct 14th 2020 5:25 pm by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

Happy National Dessert Day! It’s basically required for us to indulge in our favorite sweet treats with absolutely no guilt today. Remember: the word “stressed” is only “desserts” spelled backwards.  

If you enjoy baking in your own kitchen, take a look at these dessert recipes from some of these Charleston restaurants or read along for a list of the best places to get some iconic Charleston desserts. Treat yourself, you deserve it.

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Autumn in Charleston- 9 Things You Should Do to Your Home For Fall

Tue, Oct 13th 2020 10:45 pm by MatthewC.G. Brockbank Charleston SC Real Estate

While Fall in the Lowcountry can be mild it’s still best to prepare.

1. Clean, or possibly replace, your gutters.

2. Check for drafts. 

3. Drain your outdoor faucets. 

4. Bring your outdoor furniture in. 

5. Fix any cracks in your driveway. 

6. Change your filters. 

7. Fertilize your lawn. 

8. Test winter equipment. 

9. Change your batteries.

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Shuckin' Season is Upon Us! An Expert's Guide to Oyster Season

Tue, Oct 13th 2020 11:21 am by Gracen Tilton Charleston SC Real Estate

It’s fall in Charleston, and while cooler temps might not bring fall foliage, they do bring oyster roasts.

Whether you’re hosting or attending your own oyster roasts this season, we’re sharing a guide on everything you need to know about these slimy shellfish, including info on oyster species, tutorials on shucking + a list of popular condiments to serve them with. Let’s dive on in. 

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A Homemade Halloween- 50 DIY Decorations

Mon, Oct 12th 2020 8:30 pm by MatthewC.G. Brockbank Charleston SC Real Estate

Best 50 DIY Halloween Decorations that will decorate your home for a spooktacular time.  
Need some spooky inspiration? You will love these Halloween decoration ideas. I’m sharing lots of ideas for inside and outside your home – the hardest part is deciding which of these cute ideas to make.

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