Real Estate in Charleston SC – Gullah Culture

Are you looking for real estate in Charleston SC? Many people are. Not only are there a great deal of activities to enjoy, there's something to be said for culture. Being a port city, Charleston is somewhat of a melting pot. You'll find many different cultures, including the Gullah Culture. That means when you decide to buy real estate in Charleston SC you'll discover a mix of many different people here.

Real Estate in Charleston SC: the Importance of the Gullah Culture

Real estate in Charleston SC is always popular for many reasons. One is a multitude of people with varying beliefs and customs, like the Gullah culture, Lowcountry's first black inhabitants. Many people in the area usually have their first experience with the Gullah culture thanks to the beautiful sweetgrass baskets. It's an art form that's passed down from generation to generation in Gullah life. Gullah has its own language too that's an English-based, creolized language. In addition, Gullah has their own set of traditions, like folk music, including the famous folksong "Michael Row the Boat Ashore." It should be noted too that each year Hilton Head Island and Saint Helena Island (approx. 100 miles south of Charleston) hosts the "Gullah Celebration" in February and "Heritage Days" in November, respectively. Consequently, when you buy real estate in Charleston SC, you're living in an area that celebrates its African American history that continues to this day.

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