Real Estate in Charleston SC – Historic Homes

Real estate in Charleston SC is often next to restored historic homes. Some of these locations are private residences while others have been turned into museums. If you've been considering purchasing one of Charleston's historic homes, it might prove complicated. That's why your search should start with finding the right experts for historic real estate in Charleston SC.

Real Estate in Charleston SC – Historic Homes

Real estate in Charleston SC comes in many types with one of the most popular being historic homes. What makes them so special is their window into the past while also being a marvel in man's ability at architecture. For example, the Heyward-Washington House belonged to Declaration of Independence signer Thomas Heyward, yet also hosts a collection of American-made furniture. Edmondston-Alston House is a showcase of treasured artifacts, including an original print of the Ordinance of Secession. The Aiken-Rhett House is unique because it isn't restored. It appears in its natural state. Other noteworthy historic homes include the national landmark Joseph Manigault House and the Nathaniel Russell House. There are other locations around historic Charleston and some of these are for sale. However, if you're considering real estate in Charleston SC of this nature, be sure to visit the professionals at Marshall Walker.

See Marshall Walker for Historic Real Estate in Charleston

My name is Marshall Walker and there are historic homes available. To find out which home is right for you, it's important to contact experts who understand the area. Call us today with what you're searching for and we'll match you with the right real estate in Charleston SC.

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