Weekend Getaway: Spend the Day in Goose Creek

Posted By Gracen Tilton @ Aug 20th 2021 12:31pm In: Charleston SC Real Estate

You know the city of Goose Creek - Charleston’s next-door neighbor, just a ~30 minute drive up I26W. But did you know that it’s one of the fastest-growing cities in SC? 

Goose Creek’s growth is fueled by a burgeoning development + a redevelopment scene: The city of Goose Creek has launched it's 10-year comprehensive plan, which will help further shape the city and nearby towns by adding local dining and shopping to further complete this close-knit Southern community. 

With some pro-tips from the locals, here is a day trip guide to Goose Creek with what to see, eat + do — so all you have to do is hop in the car and go. 

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