Netherlands: Biodegradable masks turn into flowers after burial

Netherlands: Biodegradable masks turn into flowers after burial
Posted By @ Mar 7th 2021 8:15pm In: Charleston SC Real Estate

Here’s an innovative way to make bees happy: 100% biodegradable masks with flower seeds, ready for planting! The woman behind the idea, Marianne de Groot-Pons, a graphic designer living and working in Utrecht, the Netherlands, states on her website:

“All these years I have been working as a graphic designer I have used so many resources from nature to be able to make my drawings (especially paper), so I wanted to give it back to her. For weeks I fell on blue disposable masks, thrown on the streets and sidewalks, so I woke up one morning with the idea of ​​a biodegradable face mask with flower seeds on it. Thus, the earth remains happy, the bees, nature, people also happy. I am selling the mask with the name Marie Bee Bloom. And the world will flourish! “

To what extent do these masks really protect? Have they been checked? This face mask protects the same as homemade fabric masks. This means that they can be used in combination with another mask for greater protection. The material is rice paper and contains flower seeds that are even visible. Produced in a small workshop in the Netherlands.

 Instead of rubber bands, they have soft cords made of pure sheep wool. The flower seeds remain in the mask using a special glue that is made from water and potato starch. And in addition to all the other sustainable materials from which the biodegradable mask is made, even the logo is written in a special sustainable ink. 

For best results, these masks need to be buried in the garden or in a large pot. We can of course throw them in the trash and they will decompose on their own in the landfill to which they will be transported, but there most likely they will not have the opportunity to turn these seeds into beautiful flowers.

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