Woman Accidentally Creates Crow Army That Ends Up Saving Neighbor’s Life

Woman Accidentally Creates Crow Army That Ends Up Saving Neighbor’s Life
Posted By Matthew Brockbank @ Mar 7th 2021 8:30pm In: 1998 03 13 SC Real Estate

This may be one of the best stories on Reddit, especially on r/legaladvice.

That’s where people go when they’re hoping some lawyers might be interested in handing out free advice. A lot of people actually were interested in helping Redditor u/cranne, because her story is so unique.

She says she’s living in Portland, Oregon, and was watching a nature program about crows at home: The program mentioned that if you feed and befriend them, crows will bring you small gifts. My emo phase came back full force and I figured that I was furloughed and had lots of time- so why not make some crow friends. 

My plan worked a little too well and the resident 5 crows in my neighborhood have turned into an army 15 strong. At first, my neighbors didn’t mind and enjoyed it. They’re mostly elderly and most were in a bird-watching club anyway. They thought the fact that I had crows following me around whenever I go outside was funny.

Lately, the crows have started defending me. My neighbor came over for a socially distanced chat (me on my porch here in my yard) and the crows started dive-bombing her. They would not stop until she left my yard.

They didn’t make physical contact with her, but they got very close.


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