Marshall Walker Testimonials

Marshall Walker Real Estate has a team that is excellent in communicating, polite, honest, reliable, understanding of their client’s/my schedule and yet very demanding of their clients and team members to ensure a deal gets to closing on time. They do not push in a way the client is uncomfortable, potentially causing the client to make a purchase they will regret, my relator/Matt B. went above and beyond to get me the property that I was looking for. A true forever home/property. I am very pleased with Marshall Walker Real Estate and looking forward to working with them again

Marshall’s team was fantastic! Helped with every detail of the sales process - super efficient and professional. I never knew selling a house could be so easy!

Very nice folks to deal with. We would highly recommend them!

We worked with Marshall to both sell our old houses and to buy our new one. Marshall is great to work with and provides excellent judgement when making decisions about buying and selling a home.

I worked with Marshall and Gracen directly and could not have asked for a better experience. They were both very professional and nice as well.

So glad we chose Marshall as our realtor. He went above and beyond preparing our home for listing. We were very pleased with our final outcome. Looking for a realtor who is familiar with the peninsula? Look no further!!

Marshall has the highest of ethics. He also will leave no stone unturned to close a deal. He was going to buy my purchaser a washer/dryer, if it came right down to it. We chose him in part for his online marketing expertise and we were not disappointed, and in fact we feel that's how we found our buyer during the COVID pandemic. But we also chose him as a neighbor and community contributor. We recommend him highly and we will use him again. And - the cookies.

"We used Marshall to buy our house and then to sell it 4 years later. I can't say enough good things about his professionalism and knowledge of the Hampton Park Terrace and Wagener Terrace neighborhoods. When we bought our home it wasn't even on the market, but Marshall knew about it because he is tuned in to the area. When we sold, he got us more than we thought the house was worth. He is also very good with other parts of Charleston as well. He will give you the straight scoop on your property; he won't tell you it will sell for more than it's worth just to get the listing. Don't hesitate us to contact Marshall when buying or selling in Charleston, you will not be disappointed"

Marshall was a pleasure to work with. He was very knowledgeable about the local market. He handled all the small details, and everything went smoothly.

Our recent purchase of property with MARSHALL WALKER REAL ESTATE as our agent went as well as we could possibly hope for . Marshall and Gracen guided us through the process with patience and understanding by listening to us , talking with us whenever we reached out , and being very tolerant with us as we struggled while dealing with electronic communication . Mission accomplished! We are very happy and can enthusiastically recommend the services of Marshall and his team . Great job folks! Billy and Marilyn Hamer

After our children had flown the coop we felt we should consider downsizing, but wanted to try FSBO, thinking it would be super easy and that we really didn't need a realtor…
Well, after a few weeks of showing the house, then finding out no one had been pre-approved, dashing around town to copy and fax paperwork and dealing with late night calls about spur of the minute showings, we decided to throw in the towel.
Marshall lives around the corner and had been recommended by friends. We'd met him at numerous local functions and felt like he knew the neighborhood inside and out, so we contacted him.
To make a long story even longer, Marshall mentioned our property on his fb page and within 24 hours we had an OVER asking offer!
He had a photographer make make pictures and had everything posted on the mls very quickly and made the entire process practically painless.
Were there hiccups? Yes, but they were with the buyer and Marshall made certain to keep us up to date on everything during closing.
If anyone is looking for a property in Charleston SC, I would highly recommend Marshall and his entire team

Marshall worked very hard to market our home as the real estate market softened. We were able to close at a time when no other homes in the area were selling, which was a tremendous relief. In addition, Marshall helped guide us through any and all questions we had along the way, including how to respond to repair requests from the home inspection

If you want to buy or sell property in Charleston, SC, just call Marshall Walker and enjoy all the benefits of his expertise. He is very knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy. He had endless patience helping me in a search for the perfect new place. The sale of my home went quickly and smoothly; he handled every detail and went beyond the call of duty to make it easy for me.
Do yourself a favor, call Marshall

Sold my home that Marshall helped us buy 10 years ago. Great support, marketing and responsive. He and his team understand the local market and works well with other realtors and potential buyers. Would not hesitate

Excellent in every way. Knowledge of the market, response rate, attention to detail in negotiation and spotting the pitfalls were all strongly exhibited.

We've used Marshall as our realtor multiple times and could not be happier with his work. Beyond simply knowing the market, which he does, Marshall will routinely go above and beyond to solve ancillary problems that can arise with a move. For example, over our moves he has saved us from issues with movers, insurance agents, and cleaning services. He is also incredibly responsive. We cannot recommend Marshall and his team high enough.

Marshall and his team are incredible! They made the entire home-buying process a smooth, easy, and fun one. Everything was done with accuracy, professionalism, timeliness, and friendliness. They're also very dependable and trustworthy. I cannot recommend anyone better!

Once again Marshall ruled the day! Marshall is an awesome broker, selling my house 2 weeks within listing the property. His acumen has provided me with the opportunity to effectuate real change in my life, allowing me to buy a property in another market which will be mortgage-free. A big thanks to Marshall for providing with financial independence and this piece of mind.

After living in Annapolis, Maryland, for 21 years, we had searched the East Coast for several years after our retirement, looking for a place to relocate which would satisfy our needs to (1) be closer to family, (2) give Paul ample opportunties for salt and fresh water fishing, (3) provide Ursula with outlets to continue her passion for playing bridge, (4) allow us to sell our snow shovel at our "moving sale", and, (5) reside in an area with ample health care, shopping, restaurants, entertainment and an affordable cost of living. Charleston fit the bill.

We found Marshall Walker "on the internet" and contacted him. We arranged to come to Charleston for several days and Marshall worked with us, showing us the "lay of the land" without pressuring us to commit at that time. We were convinced in short order that Charleston was where we wanted to live and Marshall would be our realtor. We returned to Maryland, put our home on the market and returned to Charleston a few weeks later for some serious "house hunting" with Marshall. In short order, he instinctively came to terms with what he knew we would be interested in and, just as importantly, what we would not care for.
As with most home buyers, we had set our price limit but, after a few days of searching, were getting somewhat discouraged and discussed raising the limit. Although we had been primarily interested in existing, pre-owned homes, Marshall came to us one morning and said, "I found out about a new construction that may be going back on the market tomorrow and I'd like for you to look at it." We took his advice, fell in love with the home, made an offer and it was accepted that afternoon. Unlike some previous realtors (we had purchased four homes prior to this), Marshall actually put us in our new home at a price several thousand dollars under the limit we had originally set. We highly recommend Marshall Walker to anyone who is looking for a home.

I rarely take the time to write recommendations but Marshall was such an incredible help to my wife and me in selling and buying our homes in Charleston, it is the least I could do. He was professional, resourceful, patient, determined, accessible and a terrific help from start to end. Not only did he help us find the perfect home but he personally helped us move out/in and repeatedly took time out of his day to help us select everything from lighting to flooring to fireplace stone for our new home. Marshall is a pleasure to do business with and is a new trusted friend. Don't look any further if you need real estate services 

Marshall did a fantastic job of teaching us about the Charleston area and keeping our likes/dislikes in mind when showing us properties. In a one-week whirlwind of activity, we fell in love with and put an offer in on a terrific house in Mt. Pleasant. He then orchestrated a closing that was completed successfully in record time!! He also taught us quite a bit about mortgages and is very knowledgeable about all aspects of real estate. We would recommend him to anyone wanting to buy in the Charleston area!

Our successful search for our new home would not have been possible without you. Our endless requests to be shown multiple properties, often on short notice, were always received with ease, enthusiasm and great coordination.

 Today’s real estate market is complicated with short sales, foreclosures, shifting home values and financing challenges. With your experience and expertise, you guided us confidently through this process.

Without hesitation, you would be our first choice for future real estate needs and the first person we would recommend to our family and friends. Marshall, thank you for doing a great job. Well done! We love our new house.

After a harrowing move across the country, Marshall and his Team were awesome to work with and worked hard to understand our housing needs. Marshall has a firm grasp of the market and successfully helped us navigate the complexity of our transaction. His Team helped us with understanding the different neighborhoods and showed us spot-on inventory in each area. The Marshall Walker Group was not satisfied until we found the perfect house which suited our needs. Marshall and his Team actually deliver! We highly recommend The Marshall Walker Group as the top-notch full-service realty firm in Charleston.

I found Marshall to be very down to earth and easy to speak with. He and I shared many of the same values and pet peeves as small business owners. As the representative of a family estate, he fielded many of the family questions well, while being able to respond to my schedule with good timing and respect. We were dealing with an estate sale situation that required a lot of extra care and emotional concerns outside of the normal sales situation and Marshall met that challenge head on and did any excellent job. I would absolutely use Marshall and his company in the future, in fact, I don't think that is to far off. I highly recommend Marshall Walker.....


Marshall is the BEST! I know because I bought my house in 2008, and sold my house yesterday with him as my agent. Marshall stands a head above other agents.

First off - Marshall is trustworthy. You can tell his first interest is in people and making sure they are happy. I believe that's his real motivation and real estate is a way for him to make that happen. Second off - Marshall is very smart. He knows the market, knows houses, understands all the issues and pitfalls, and knows how to move a deal forward and make the house happen.
In 2008, I worked with Marshall for 9 months, and I think he took me through over 40 houses. He somehow never wore down. He never tried to pressure me, and he was always there to answer questions. If I wasn't sure of a place, we'd move on. No questions - he was just there to help me find a place that would be within my spending range without any hidden surprises. He's extremely knowledgable about houses and the market and spent a good deal of time just teaching me. I got to know him over time, and he's a really great on a personal level as well. He's a family man, invested in his community, and when it comes to real estate I believe he sees it as not only his business but a way for him to invest in his community by helping people find homes where they will be happy.
In 2013, I had moved to Washington D.C. and the market came up again - I called Marshall and we started moving the house forward. He was outstanding again. He knew what needed to happen and guided me through the process. He worked closely with my property manager to get the house ready for market and helped me navigate a myriad of issues from how to best work with my tenants to how to take care of necessary upgrades. My house was on the market for 3 weeks, and we wound up getting what was originally expected.
Today, I've sold my house - but I consider writing this review as part of the process of selling my house. Marshall is that kind of person - one that you want to see other people work with because his professionalism, competence, and wonderful demeanor make the world a better place. If you want to buy a house, or you want to sell one - I am certain that Marshall Walker will do an amazing job as your agent and you'll be very happy at the end of it all.

I couldn't have asked for a better realty company than Marshall Walker's. It's easy to say that someone went above and beyond, but Marshall really exceeded my expectation to such a great expense that I often felt I needed to check in--"Is this really what you're offering me?" I was trying to sell the house as an overextended single mother, and Marshall and Kristi made this easy.
Marshall's team cleaned up the entire yard—and I mean cleaned up, from top to bottom. Marshall recommended and then arranged folks to paint the house. He didn't mind when I brought my daughter to meetings in his office; in fact, he encouraged me to.
Every encounter I had with Marshall was professional, upbeat, and efficient. And perhaps most importantly, he sold my house, quickly and for a good price.

I recommend him enthusiastically!

This summer, I was faced with the task of selling a house that was willed to me by my father. The house was situated on a prime piece of land, and the sentimental value was overwhelming to me. There were items in the house that had to be discarded and Marshall took on the task without fail.
I live in Atlanta, Georgia and it was rewarding and comforting to me for Marshall and his team to take on this entire project with astonishing speed, efficiency, and grace.
Without any reservation, I would recommend Marshall Walker Realty to anyone who wants to enjoy a professional, smooth, speedy, satisfying and profitable home-selling experience.

On August 3, 2015 my wife and I closed on our home in Mount Pleasant, S.C. Marshall D. Walker was our realtor. The entire process of selling our home went smoothly due to Marshall's expertise in the real estate field. He provided a detailed market analysis, instructed us on minor projects that needed to be addressed, answered our questions and concerns immediately, and gave us, a retired couple, a sense of security and trust. Anyone would expect (or at least hope) that this would be his experience after carefully selecting a realtor.

Let me explain what you wouldn't expect. Marshall gave us really immeasurable assistance throughout this process. As mentioned, we are a retired couple in fair physical shape, selling and moving an entire house far away from our support group. (Our extended family lives in upstate New York.) Marshall directed his staff in helping us "lug" heavy boxes from our attic, assisting us in the removal of smaller objects/furniture from our home and then transporting these items to thrift stores or recycling centers, and the actual cleaning of our home and garage!! Marshall sent the cleaning staff to our home, after the moving van had left for N.Y., to make sure our home was fresh and sparkling! Both Marshall and we wanted to make sure the new owner's first day in her new home would be special. Indeed, it was a special home to us for many years.

We first met with Marshall a year before we seriously considered listing our house, and even then he was always looking out for our best interest. Never pushy, Marshall was very informed and encouraged us to wait until the time was right for us, which we did.

Once under contract nearly a year later, he was incredibly helpful and secured not only a buyer for our former house, but also had the knowledge and skills to ensure our offer was accepted on our next purchase.

Thanks to Marshall and his team at Marshall Walker Real Estate Group, we walked away from our simultaneous closings incredibly happy and would recommend them for anyone who truly wants a supportive team. After all, It helps to have someone in your corner thats "Got a guy" for anything and everything you need!.

It was so easy to have Marshall as our realtor. We spoke with him and about our house and he suggested a number that I thought was unreachable. Marshall assured us that the number was where it needed to be and he must've been right because we had an offer within 24 hours of him mentioning the property on his facebook page.Even though we had an offer he still had the photographer make pictures and posted them on the MLS and continued to show the house.

He is calm and laid back about everything and we never felt pushed or rushed to make decisions. He kept us informed and even sent someone to cut the grass while my husband was traveling. (Marshall even met me at the house when we were moving and helped me get 2 dressers down the stairs and into the back of my truck!)

He and his entire team are just super!

Marshall worked very hard to market our home as the real estate market softened. We were able to close at a time when no other homes in the area were selling, which was a tremendous relief. In addition, Marshall helped guide us through any and all questions we had along the way, including how to respond to repair requests from the home inspection.

If you want to buy or sell property in Charleston, SC, just call Marshall Walker and enjoy all the benefits of his expertise. He is very knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy. He had endless patience helping me in a search for the perfect new place. The sale of my home went quickly and smoothly; he handled every detail and went beyond the call of duty to make it easy for me.
Do yourself a favor, call Marshall!

I just made a 900 mile move from a neighborhood that I love and from a house I did not want to sell.

I waited until the last final minute, wanting to savor every last moment there - which made the moving process difficult and overwhelming at times.

Choosing Marshall Walker to sell my house days before I left town turned all that chaos into a smooth solid transition. His company is truly full service. Anything I thought was a problem (from 900 miles away, mind you) he had a solution for, and immediately implemented. The house was put on the market in June and we had the closing last week...done! Marshall Walker is a good, fair, and honest businessman, a rarity anymore. I cannot thank him enough and it's sooo nice not to have any regrets or "wish I would ofs".

Rest assured if you need your house sold you will be in the very best of hands with this remarkable man. 5 stars, easy. One more time Marshall...THANK YOU! .

It is difficult, if not impossible, for me to speak higher of someone than Marshall. Not only is he a great Realtor, he’s a great person.

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