Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of  Inc.

  1. Personal information collected may include but not be limited to name, email address,property address and telephone numbers.
  2. This information collected will be used to help users to buy or sell homes, land or other real estate.
  3. This information will not be transferred, sold, traded or given to any other 3rd party without your verbal or written consent.
  4. All company generated emails that contain an unsubscribe link will automatically remove you from our email list. Please be aware you may be in our database more than once or you may also be on more than one database.
  5.  You can also request to be removed permanently by calling, writing or emailing the address provided below.
  6. Please use the contact us or unsubscribe link to request deletion of your data CONTACT MARSHALL Inc

582 Rutledge Ave, Charleston SC 29403  -843-628-2876  operations at Marshall Walker dot com

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