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Posted By Marshall Walker @ Jul 30th 2009 3:10pm In: Short Sales and Foreclosures

Question - If we were going to submit an offer on a short sale home, how low on price could you possibly go? For example, if a house is listed at 375,000 what would be a good offer? Our max budget is $300,000 and we want to get the most house for our money and I dont want to be unrealistic looking at a $375,000 that I cannot get for $300,000. Does this make sense? Thanks!  

Answer - Most short sales are already priced near what we expect the bank to accept - In most cases throwing an offer in that is way below the asking price is sort of a waste of time, however that being said we would look at any home you are interested in and then evaluate the pricing on a case by case basis....   interesting to note that many sellers who are currently listed have no idea that they may very well qualify to short sell their home - this is truly why it is important to know what to expect in a short sale - I have included links to a few of my documents  

seller disclosure  

buyer disclosure  

short sale Questions    

Short Sale Blue print    

Short Sale workflow

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