Rising Values in Charleston

Rising Values in Charleston
Posted By Marshall Walker @ May 25th 2021 2:43pm In: Charleston SC Real Estate

What is your treehouse worth?  Probably a lot more than you think.

According to Inman news;

March home prices increased by 13.2 percent from a year ago, the largest gain since 2005.

Home prices have risen for 10 consecutive months and are climbing more rapidly with each month due to inventory shortages, according to the latest S&P/Case-Shiller U.S. National Home Price Index released Tuesday. Those gains are the highest they have been since December 2005. 

Is this sustainable growth? I have read articles by respected sources stating yes and no.  All I get from these articles that the influx of money to the real estate market is largely coming from the last years stock market gains.

Time will tell whether it's a bubble or whether we will have a correction.

In the meantime,  a market like this needs experienced agents on both the buying and listing side.

 A buyers agent must be able to guide you through multiple offer purchases - Often with 10 or more contracts vying for top spot,  buyers are impulse buying and waiving appraisals and inspections.  Buyers have started to pay seller closing costs.  Seriously. no Joke.  many agents are just not trained or equipped to handle this tough negotiation. Experienced agents often have methods up their sleeves that a new agent has never even dreamed of. Whats more? An experienced agent will sometimes be able to secure a contract based on their reputation alone. They bring clout to an offer amongst as swirl of activity. 

On the list side;

A list agent MUST be able to price a home with a strategy. Being overwhelmed with offers is no fun if you are new to the business and as a seller it is imperative that you have an agent that can direct and control the offers coming in. They must also be able to present them in a fashion that is clear and concise with guidance based on their years of experience.  

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