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Reprinted with permission of the Charleston Regional Business Journal

Profiles in Business 2007 A Special Supplement to the Charleston Regional Business Journal

REAL ESTATE, Inc., Inc., a typical day can involve anything from selling homes to running meetings to...mowing lawns?

"It's important to take care of details, even the ones that you don't normally see real estate agents taking care of," Walker says. "One Sunday, a client pulled up to his new home in a moving van and found me mowing the lawn! I just wanted the new owner to be happy."

Walker began serving people long before he entered the real estate business. He was an auto mechanic specializing in Rolls Royce and Bentley motorcars for 18 years, until arthritis forced him to switch careers. After being involved with several real estate transactions, he decided that a career in real estate might be just what he needed. And with that thought in mind, he started in November 2003 and rapidly developed one of Charleston's premier property Web sites. He recently launched a unique mobile phone based home search at ., Inc. incorporated in May 2006.

With the help of Keller Williams, has become a model of responsible growth, a trend that Walker hopes to continue. "Our main goal for the future is to grow, but to do so intelligently," he says. "We don't just want to hire people; we want to hire smart people. We have a growth model, and we want to adhere to that. Keller Williams Realty has provided me with the business models and plans that enable me as a business owner to break through the ceiling of success that I had previously reached."

So which factor would he consider most important to responsible growth? For Walker, it's the people. "In this office, our most important asset is our teamwork," he says. "It's been one of my biggest goals to be an atypical employer - one that my employees see as a friend and colleague as well as a boss."

And by the easy-going rapport in the office, it's evident that Walker has succeeded. When he asks his assistant Kelly if there is anything else he should say, she jokes, "That I need a raise."

There is an unmistakable sense of camaraderie in the office. With his years of service experience and a closeknit team supporting him, Walker has been able to concentrate on what really matters: helping the client.

"We see ourselves not as real estate salespeople, but as real estate consultants," he says. "The average client is already very well educated; they just need someone to facilitate the process. And that's where we exceed expectations."

As 2009 rolls in Marshall Walker is committed to the continuing success of his team, "we have implemented a whole different skill set to facilitate transactions in what most would agree is a difficult market" With short sales and foreclosures continuing to be a large part of everyday business Marshall Walker has partnered with key service providers to make sure that the team can handle any transaction.

Lets not fool ourselves, Walker says " the buyers are wearing the big boots in this market" With that being said he also says that this market has some very favorable conditions for first time homebuyers. Affordabilty of homes is on the increase after many years of rising home prices - what does all of this mean to Marshall Walker?

We are in the business of Real Estate - it is our obligation as professionals to be the market expert - WHATEVER the MARKET is......people need to buy and sell homes no matter what the market condition is. I like to say' Its Always a Good Market" - however the media will now have us believe that a sellers market is the one we measure by - Right now it's a Great Buyers Market!!


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