Maintenance Before Listing

Maintenance Before Listing
Posted By Cheryl Vincent @ Feb 27th 2018 11:12am In: 1998 03 13 SC Real Estate

Getting Ready to list your home? Here are a few things you might need to do first!

Spring is almost upon us and lots of you are thinking of putting your home on the market. It may seem overwhelming, or you simply do not know the important things you can do to make your home attractive to buyers.

I have created a list of “must dos” before you sign the paperwork to list.

1.Exterior Maintenance:

The exterior of your home is the very first thing buyers see when they drive up. Try and view your home from a buyers perspective and consider the following:

Pressure wash the outside of the home, including decks, stairs and driveway.
Clean all the windows-outside and inside for a fresh, bright look.
Replace and repair all rotted wood and repaint.
Clean out gutters.
Replace any broken or warped siding.
Make sure front door has a fresh coat of paint and hardware is bright and shinny.
Spruce up the landscaping adding mulch or pine straw to flower beds. Plant bright colored flowers in front and make sure all dead foliage is removed.

2. Service HVAC and other Systems of the Home:

• Inspectors will check your HVAC, so avoid repairs and have it serviced and cleaned.

3. Inspect and Check:

Inspect all toilets and make sure they are working properly and are not loose. If they are loose, replace the wax ring.
Inspect all faucets to make sure none are leaking; and all drains are draining properly.
Make sure all light bulbs work.
Make sure smoke detectors work.
Check all light switches and outlets.

4. Declutter and Deep Clean:
Deep clean: There’s nothing better for a buyer to walk into a spic and span spotless home that smells fresh and clean! Hire a cleaning service if you have to.
Declutter home: It’s a good time to go through closets and cabinets and donate unused items to a charity. Get rid of old furniture and decorating items that are worn and not useful.
Organize and clean out the garage: Nothing is worse than opening the garage door that is piled high with boxes, bikes and trash.

Buyers appreciate homes that are clean and well taken care of. Invest in these maintenance items before listing and you should get top dollar for your market.

5. Call me to list your home:
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