Would You Cycle For An Hour Every Day If It Powered Your Home For 24 Hours?

Would You Cycle For An Hour Every Day If It Powered Your Home For 24 Hours?
Posted By @ Mar 2nd 2021 9:00am In: Real Estate

People often complain about both the high cost of energy and the fact that "they don't have time to exercise." This invention certainly solves both problems.

It is an invention that could provide free electricity to 1.3 billion people living without electricity due to extreme poverty. Manoj Bhargava has built an exercise bike to power the millions of homes around the world that have little or no electricity. 

Early next year, he plans to distribute 10,000 of his free Electric - Battery Equipped - Bicycles to India, which he claims cover the energy needs of a home, lighting and other appliances for an entire day, by cycling an hour.

Bhargava, who dropped out of Princeton University after a year because he was bored and then lived for 12 years in an ashram in his hometown in India, does not stop in bicycles. He has tried to find ways to make seawater drinkable, boost body circulation, and provide unlimited amounts of geothermal energy through a graphene cable.

"If you have wealth, it is your duty to help those who do not have it," he says. "Make a difference in people's lives. Don't just talk about it."

Could his bike really work? Will people trust it, or will they have space in their homes for it? "It has enormous potential and opportunities for rural households," said Ajaita Shah, CEO of Frontier Markets, a company that sells solar lamps and lighting systems in India and says she would like to try the bike on her customers living in rural areas.

"It's so simple that we think we can make it for $ 100. A bicycle repairman can customize it anywhere," Bhargava said in an interview. The pedal turns a generator that produces electricity, which is stored in a battery.


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