SC Flag Debate Rages On: After Internet Revolt, 2 New Options For Lawmakers

SC Flag Debate Rages On: After Internet Revolt, 2 New Options For Lawmakers
Posted By @ Mar 19th 2021 8:30am In: Charleston SC Real Estate

While we can all hopefully agree that South Carolina has much bigger problems to tackle in 2021, lawmakers (for whatever reason) decided this should be the year to change the flag.

The South Carolina flag has been named the best state flag in the U.S. With its robust palmetto tree in the center and a crescent/gorget (not a moon) in the upper left corner, our state flag stands out among the rest.

For a state that’s used to being at the bottom of most lists, you would think we would leave our beautiful flag design alone. South Carolina had a good thing going with its flag — and 2020 tried to take that, too.

Technically, South Carolina never had a specific flag design and there are all sorts of different variations of flag — the shape of the Palmetto tree, size of the crescent and the shade of the Indigo background change from maker-to-maker.

Historians had a problem with this and wanted to have a uniform design.

To put it lightly, the Internet was outraged by the design — mostly angered by the Palmetto tree’s pathetic fronds.

“It looks like it got the electric chair,” one South Carolinian commented.

Several said that it looked like a toilet brush, while others said it looked like it survived a hurricane.

People had questions.

Like why are historians designing a flag? Who decided that trash tree looked good? What’s so bad about keeping the flag the way that it is with a choose-your-own-adventure design? 

Anyways, after all of that debate, historians had to go back to the drawing board and decided on two designs that were approved Tuesday by the South Carolina State Flag Study Committee (yes, there is a whole committee dedicated to this), according to the AP.

The designs were sent to the Family and Veterans Services Committee for approval, the AP reported.

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