Real Estate in Charleston SC – Waterfront Park

Real estate in Charleston SC is a great choice if you love the water. One aspect of the area that people seem to enjoy the most is Waterfront Park. This award-winning park's more than just a place to get your feet wet. Thus, if you've decided you want to buy real estate in Charleston SC, be sure to make your way to Waterfront Park now and then.

Real Estate in Charleston SC: The Lure of Waterfront Park

People who buy real estate in Charleston SC usually make their way to Waterfront Park at some point, and with good reason. This 12-acre park, created in 1990, runs along a half-mile of the Cooper River. It's received landmark awards from the American Society of Landscape Architects and the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The park was recognized because, although it is new, 'it retained its original design integrity and contributes significantly to the public realm of the community,' according to the American Society of Landscape Architects. Located between Vendue Range to the north and Adger's Wharf to the south, this area that was once in decline now provides a wooden pier with sheltered swings and a floating dock for wonderful views of Charleston harbor, Castle Pinckney, the U.S.S. Yorktown, Fort Sumter and Ravenel Bridge. Of course, there are beautiful fountains too, with one of the most peculiar being the pineapple fountain located in front of the City Gallery. So, if you've bought real estate in Charleston SC and you're looking for a nice relaxing day by the water, Waterfront Park is a must see.

Marshall Walker: Realty Expert for Real Estate in Charleston SC

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