Charleston's Colonial History

Charleston real estate is located in an area with two major distinctions. It's the oldest city in South Carolina, and the second largest city in the state today (surpassed only by the capital of Columbia). With that said, Charleston has a long history going back to colonial times. In fact, many of the Charleston real estate choices you'll find are never too far from this 'First Colonial Period Housing' heritage.

Charleston in Colonial Times

Charleston  in 1630 was different than what you'll find today, but there are also striking similarities. Charleston, as well as other colonial areas like Maryland, Virginia and both Carolinas, had a host of homes in the 'Southern colonial' style. These types of homes would have large chimneys at the gable-ends of the home. They would often feature parlors and a central passage/foyer space (opposed to an entirely open floor plan), often opening onto a piazza to take advantage of the ocean breeze which you can still find in today's housing. As for the region itself, which was named after Charles II of England, the community was established by English settler William Sayle in 1670. Given its location along the coast, it was often assaulted from would-be conquerors like the Spanish, French, Native Americans and even pirates. Being a port city, many different ethnic and religious groups settled in the area, which also included Africans from the slave trade. This is why, even today, we find a mix of people from different cultures and backgrounds seeking homes in Charleston.

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