Charleston's Modern History

Charleston's Modern History

Charleston has quite an intriguing history in the 20th century, as does the city itself. Whether it's a long-standing mayor or the fury of Mother Nature, the city has had its fair share of stories within the last 100 years. So if you've been searching for a place to live in Charleston, you might be fascinated to learn more.

Military History and Social Issues

Homes in Charleston always seems to be in demand, largely because of the area's military presence, which helps the economy. Charleston itself though grew when it came to social issues too. For example, the Charleston Hospital Strike of 1969, which lasted 100 days, started as a union dispute, but became part of the civil rights movement. In the end, Andrew Young, speaking for the striking nurses, and hospital administrator James W. Colbert (father of comedian Stephen Colbert), reached an agreement. It wasn't long after this that Joseph P. Riley, Jr. was elected mayor in 1974, a position he still holds, making him the longest living mayor in the United States. One of the reasons for his success has been his dedication to reviving Charleston's economic and cultural heritage. This was even more apparent after the eye of Hurricane Hugo came into Charleston Harbor in 1989. It's reported the storm caused over $2.8 billion in damages with three-fourths of the Charleston real estate in the historic district sustaining damage of various degrees. However, just as it had done in prior adversities, the city rebounded and rebuilt.

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