Charleston's Historic Sites and Attractions

Charleston properties come in a variety of choices. Likewise, you'll find a numerous assortments of historic sites and attractions to enjoy in your spare time. That means if you've been considering a Charleston home, you'll have a wealth of interesting places to visit.

Charleston's Must See Attractions

Charleston is unique. Since Charleston is one of the oldest cities in the United States, many attractions near area homes are houses themselves, known as "house museums." Calhoun Mansion, a private 24,000 sq. ft. house, is sometimes open for tours. Other house museum locations include Nathaniel Russell House, Gov. William Aiken House, Heyward-Washington House and Joseph Manigault House, which all celebrate Charleston's history. There are also larger structures such as the South Carolina Aquarium. Another attraction is the Exchange & Provost that's operated by the Daughters of the American Revolution. Likewise, Market Hall & Sheds, also known as City Market or The Market, run several blocks behind Meeting Street. Market Hall houses the Confederacy Museum and the nearby sheds are mostly occupied by open-air vendors. Obviously, when you decide to buy property in Charleston, you'll have access to some great attractions.

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