Charleston’s Real Estate Brokerage of Tomorrow

The real estate market is always changing. And in the forward-thinking, innovative city of Charleston, South Carolina, real estate agents need to stay on the pulse of technology to help clients buy the home of their dreams or sell the home they’re currently living in.

That’s why the entire team at the Group is dedicated to using our experience along with the power of the Internet to give home buyers and sellers a real advantage.

But while technology is great, a team of dedicated and caring people is better. Especially when those people are specifically trained and experts in their respective fields. So when you contact us, instead of getting an answering machine you’ll get a real person. Or, if on the off-chance we aren’t available, we’ll contact you back within three minutes. It may be the old-fashioned way of doing things, but computers can never make up one-on-one, personal attention.

We’re the Group.

Combining the personal, professional service of yesterday with the technology of today--we’re Charleston’s Real Estate Brokerage of Tomorrow.

If you’re looking to buy a Charleston, South Carolina home. start your search here  or contact us today.

If you’re looking to sell your Charleston, South Carolina home, contact us today.

Residential Home Mortgage Lender:

Matthew Mieras - CMG Financial

NMLS#: 245686

Branch Manager

843-670-5512 (cell)

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