3D tours will help sell your Charleston home

How Can Marshall Walkers iGuide and Zillow 3d tour system help you sell?

I am now pleased to announce that we now offer both the the iGuide system and Zillow 3D tours as a FREE benefit to our sellers. Please note that not all homes will be a good candidate for this incredible  iGuide technology as the camera system is unforgiving and shows even the slightest imperfections. If your home is suitable we will perform this service along with the Zillow Theta 3D tour and as always we will hire an additional professional photographer to capture HDR still and video tour. 

Breaking News! coming soon - The new iGuide Planitar Planix system which will cut scan times to under 30 minutes!

So....what's the benefit?


What does this mean to you, as a home seller? Listings that feature the iGuide system will sell quicker. Buyers can tour the home online and this means that any showings you receive are from buyers who have already virtually toured the home. (less showings from buyers who are not really ready to buy is an added bonus) 

The system also uses a proprietary Lidar Laser Scan system to map the house . This is 99% accurate in measurements and is used to create 3 dimensional map files that are then turned into highly accurate floor plans. No more guessing the size of your home. This is so important when prices are at an all time high. Even a 100 square foot inaccuracy can potentially equate to a $40-100k error in pricing on a high end home! Wouldn't you like to have an accurate measurement prior to listing? Prospective buyers can also use the built in measurement tool in the tour to make sure that their dining room hutch will fit an intended wall.....

Zillow Theta 3D

Being the U.S.’s top search engine for Real Estate, Zillow is one of the best online portals to market your home. 

Listings with Zillow 3D Home Tour or Video are labeled with a unique tag in their search engine optimization which makes them stand out. By including these amazing 3D tours, we provide your property with tremendous  added exposure to find potential buyers looking in your zip code.

Sell Faster, Sell for more money.....What's not to love? 

With this system we are able to quickly create Facebook and Instagram ads that get in front of your intended buyer.. Coupled with my experience creating paid  ad campaigns, more buyers will see your home in less time. We recently did a campaign in which we spent $300 and received 25,000 impressions and 512 visits to the property iGuide 3d tour. 

More impressions and visits = faster sale
Additional examples

395 Sumter Street Charleston SC 29403- multi Family

130 Fishburne Street, Charleston SC 29403

This home, 4 Carolina Street, Charleston SC 29403 sold to the first buyer who looked at it - she lived in NY and contracted to purchase the home without a physical visit!! (sales to list price 98.65% - well above MLS average)

261 Grove Street, Street Charleston SC 29403

261 Grove Street Charleston SC 29403

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