Real Estate in Charleston SC – City Market

Real estate in Charleston SC is never too far from unique experiences. One place, in particular, is the City Market. More than just a public market, City Market is also an historical landmark in Charleston. So, if you've recently purchased real estate in Charleston SC, or even if you've lived here for decades, the City Market is not to be missed.

Real Estate in Charleston SC: More Than Shopping at City Market

Some real estate in Charleston SC goes back centuries. The same can be true of City Market. It all started when Charles Cotsworth Pinckney gave the land to the City of Charleston in 1788, with the condition a public market be built on the site and then remain a public market for eternity. The original stalls rented for a dollar a day and over the centuries have withstood natural disasters like tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes. It's even survived man-made calamities like military bombardment. When fire claimed the area around the market, new Market Hall was constructed 1841. Today, the original sheds and the areas opposite the Market on both sides hold many small, distinctive shops. They sell practically everything, including locally crafted sweetgrass baskets from weavers who speak Gullah. Open 365 days a year, City Market is one piece of real estate in Charleston SC not to be missed.

Marshall Walker: Finding the Right Real Estate in Charleston SC

My name is Marshall Walker and I would like to help you find the perfect choice in real estate in Charleston SC. It's easy to get started. Just tell me a few requirements you have for your home or business. I'll have my agents find real estate in Charleston SC that fits your particular needs, so contact me today.

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