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Lock your credit

Posted By: Marshall Walker In: Mortgage
Date: Thu, Sep 14th 2017 11:18 am

Credit Lock

143 Million Americans credit has been compromised. Equifax took 6 weeks to notify anyone after they discovered the hack. (if you don't think this is a big deal remember - 3 Equifax senior executives allegedly sold off millions in holdings prior to releasing the hack info)

Here are links to the 4 credit bureau sites where you can apply a free credit lock to your identity. With the recent hack of Equifax this is an important step to maintain control over your credit. Please note that if you apply for a loan you will need to unlock until your loan officer has pulled your credit.

Also be aware that you want to "uncheck" the box which says the can send you spam - This is very important -

TransUnion -

Equifax -

Experian -

Innovus -

If you use Capital One for your credit card they offer a free Creditwise membership - another great tool -