How the Coronavirus Pandemic Has Changed Home Design

Posted By Gracen Tilton @ Apr 22nd 2021 2:07pm In: Charleston SC Real Estate

Welcome to the Post-Pandemic Dream Home; work nooks, sanitizer stocked mudrooms, and other new features are appearing in American homes. 

With all the additional time Americans are spending at home, the pandemic has made many people hyperaware of what they like & don't like, about the space they live in. Natural light went from being a simple perk to an absolute lifeline while the open-concept floor plan went from being an occasional annoyance to an exasperating privacy killer.

While stay-at-home orders took place around the world, a house became way more than just a home. The home is now an office, school, gym, and much more. The pandemic has left a substantial mark on home design and has changed the way homeowners want to live.

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