Repeated Flooding Forces Downtown Charleston DMV to Close Permanently

Posted By Gracen Tilton @ Jan 24th 2020 12:33pm In: Charleston SC Real Estate

The state plans to close the Lockwood Boulevard Department of Motor Vehicles office in mid-February due, in part, to repetitive and unpredictable flooding that often cancels road tests.

The Lockwood branch couldn’t conduct road tests Thursday morning because of road flooding. “We need parking to serve our customers and road flooding was unpredictable,” state spokeswoman Lauren Phillips said. “It would impact people’s ability to complete a road test, which would greatly change the operations on days that flooding occurred.” 

The DMV located on Lockwood Boulevard, Downtown Charleston — which serves an average of 314 customers a day — will close on February 14th. 2020. By comparison, the Mount Pleasant branch sees an average of 401 customers a day, Phillips said. 


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