The Power of Being Positive

Posted By Marshall Walker @ Oct 23rd 2009 2:32pm


I heard the most powerful thing on the radio the other day. It was all about being a positive person. We've all heard the quotes and read the books about "the power of positive thinking", etc, etc... Well, this guy gave some pretty sound statistics about the benefits of being positive, such as,

  • Being a positive person makes you healthier and thus live longer lives;

  • Being a positive person can reduce stress.

  • Being a positive person can allow you to be more successful in your job and out-perform others.

  • Positive people have more friends and are generally happier.

  • Positive people have better marriages and family life.

...and the list goes on. What if I put it this way?


  • Negative people are more prone to sickness and their lifespan is generally shortened.

  • Negative people have more stressful lives.

  • Negative people are not as successful in their jobs.

  • Negative people do not have as many friends and are generally very unhappy.

  • Negative people have a higher divorce rate and a more troubled home life.

Ouch!! See what happens when you insert the word "negative" and state its consequences?


I for one, want to be a more positive person.


When you're around a negative person for a long period of time it really begins to wear on you and you may even find yourself becoming negative as well. That's when you need to stop and re-evaluate who you're spending your time with. If it's a spouse, then confront them and talk about why and how their negative attitude affects you. If it's a friend, do everything you can to counteract their negativity with your positivity and you'll be surprised at how fast things will turn around. In other words, be a positive influence in someone else's life before they can infect yours.

One thing's for sure- we all get to choose whether we focus on the negative or the positive. We're all going to encounter various trials and adversities, but it's how we deal with them that count. It's not always about the end of the journey we're on, but the process and our attitudes along the way. You never know when you will influence another's life by being positive!

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