Charleston's Antebellum Era & Civil War History

Some Charleston homes you'll find, even today, date from the Antebellum Era. It's important to note that antebellum isn't a style of architecture. The word means 'before the war,' or in this case, before the Civil War. While you can still find one-story and two-story homes built during this time, plantation homes were in abundance, and some of which are still part of Charleston's landscape today.

Antebellum and the War

Charleston homes can provide more than just a place to live. They can often reflect our history. Most of the plantations in Charleston County that made use of slave labor had three main staples they produced: rice, indigo or Sea Island cotton. Many of these locations were on the 'islands,' Mount Pleasant and North Charleston. Today, some have been restored as museums to reflect South Carolina's history while, others have fallen into decay or destroyed by the war and never rebuilt. After the victory of the union, Charleston's residents began reconstruction. In 1886, only 20 years later, the city was devastated by a 7.3 earthquake that was felt from Boston to New Orleans. The quake damaged over 2000 buildings and cost over $133 million in today's market. Nevertheless, the city did rebuild and, unbelievably, you can still find Charleston buildings from that era.

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