Rose Schiano

Rose Schiano

Marshall Walker Real Estate
582 Rutledge Avenue
Charleston SC 29403

Office: 843-225-7007
Cell: 803-760-8887
Fax: 843-277-6399

One thing that strongly stands out about Rose Schiano is her passion for serving others and her determination to help buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals through a smooth and fulfilling experience. She is focused on helping Charleston’s vast network of service industry employees that are transplants in the area, hoping to get into the hospitality or wine market themselves.

After helping her parents sell her childhood home, Rose became inspired to further her interest in Real Estate and become a Realtor herself. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Arts from the University of South Carolina with a minor in Studio Arts. Rose brings a vast wealth of sales experience spanning over 10 years working in the insurance and hospitality industries. She landed in Charleston to work in wine sales as an Italian wine importer and has never looked back. Rose occasionally recalls on her previous work experience from insurance sales, helping homeowners understand their risks and involvement throughout the homeownership process.

She demonstrates sharp business acumen, excellent communication and problem-solving skills. Rose stays up to date on our ever-changing Real Estate market, and enjoys being someone her clients can lean on, no matter where they are in their buying or selling process. Being both a skilled marketer and strong negotiator, Rose strives to educate her clients extensively, giving them genuine insights to empower them to make wise and well-informed decisions. She leverages her profound understanding of diverse clients' needs, her ability to offer personalized solutions, and her eagerness to go ‘all out’ to make the transaction process smooth and as stress-free as possible.

Rose goes to the fullest extent help her buyers find ideal homes within their means while ensuring that her sellers fetch top dollar for their properties. Rose seeks to earn her clients' trust and confidence and is keen on forming thriving professional relationships. She is most complimented for her great work ethic, caring, and kind personality that makes her easy to work with. In her spare time, Rose loves listening to music, getting crafty and soaking up as much beach time as possible. Contact Rose today for the best experience as you turn your dream into a reality.

It is a rare person that can take care of hearts while taking care of business ….:) 

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